More About Me

Alongside working in the Arts I am an avid collector of beautiful and interesting things. I specifically like natural materials, stone, wood, nuts, fauna and shells, but also colours and shapes, so items such as bottle tops, pieces of string and rope, plastic lids, washers, nuts and bolts. This passion is fuelled by my retired dad who supplies me with things he picks up on country walks and also objects he creates.

I am a gardener and love to be outside working on growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. I have recently completed the first year of The Royal Horticultural Society Certificate in Practical Horticulture which was wonderfully challenging. The ecosystems and layers of a garden interest me just as much as the growth and development of children’s minds. Having to lay a good foundation and have fully nutritious compost to encourage new sprouts, shoots and bursts of life is a vital component in nurturing plants. Managing the variables, weather conditions, feed, pests and time constraints all play a key part in creating the perfect environment to suit each plant.