About me

I like to explore the ways stitch can be used for making marks as a pen or pencil does.  For several years I have been working on creating new art pieces stitching onto piano rolls. This has fascinated me, by following my own restriction of not making any new holes in the paper to sew through, the lines created have come to possess their own style and character. The sources of inspiration have been varied, including a visit to Islay, Birmingham City Centre, journeys through China & Mongolia & local market halls. Since COVID-19 isolation I have been focusing on where I live, my home, the environments I put together to exist in. This has evolved into using tapes and different papers to combine collage with stitch.

A recent drawing project was inspired by journeys by bus around Birmingham, the second largest city in the U.K. For years travelling by bus has just been a regular part of my life which has fed my interest of observing how people hold themselves and mould their personas —stance, dress, accessories etc. I capture each moment with a quick pencil sketch and then work on them digitally later. In November 2019 this work featured in a digital magazine OUTSIDELEFT.


This study grewto include the bus architecture, colours and materials which divide the pages and provide a scaffold for the people to belong in. These prints are now selling from the Shop page on this site after interest was shown on Facebook & Instagram.

Holding On