About me

I am an artist with over 15 years experience of working with children and young people in Local Authority, private and community settings. My interest and passion lies in how creative practice can be used to solve problems and how each person can develop their own individual way of learning through play.
I have visited Italy, Denmark and Sweden to research different styles of creative education and draw upon these experiences for inspiration in all of my settings in the U.K. The linking theme in all of these places is how play is the key to the learning process.
Exploration and investigation can allow problems to be recognised, inspected and resolved.
I have seen how each style of teaching and learning has evolved through the unique factors of the social environment. I feel creativity is a fully inclusive, flexible method of engaging children in learning and can be adjusted to suit every child in every setting.

My work at Lillian De Lissa Nursery School and Children’s Centre for the past 10 years has been ever changing because the needs and abilities of the children vary each intake. The requirement for new ideas and ways of encouraging children to learn has meant my research into alternative ways of working with materials, techniques and philosophies is essential. Working as part of the staff team to provide and sustain a creative, fully inclusive learning environment has enabled me to use my knowledge as an artist to challenge every child appropriately. Creativity is at the core of this schools practice and means it is: ‘A Setting for All Children’.
I am part of the school’s Finance and Staffing and Governing Board to ensure a thorough understanding of the whole school creative ethos. I am the governor responsible for the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities provision.

 In September 2012 I started working at Prince Albert Primary School in Aston. Here I work throughout the school to extend learning with creative thinking and process. I work alongside the teaching team to support the children’s learning styles and to provide exciting opportunities for creative independent learning. I began working with years 2 and 3 which proved to be thoroughly enjoyable, fast moving and progressive, so in 2013 this expanded to include Reception and Year 1 which again made me reach even further for new ideas and ways for them to manifest their ideas creatively. Since then my work has spread from Nursery to Year 6 and new learning experiences have been initiated in all of these areas. The children I work with are full of amazing thoughts and ideas. I provide interesting materials, imagery and concepts for them to play with, consider and make plans about. Then I support them in achieving their goals, however extraordinary they may be.